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You Have Your Event Scheduled But No Way to Document it….

Finding the right event photographer with the right equipment and most importantly, the right experience, is key to having your event covered well. We have covered everything from small gatherings at homes to large corporate events. No matter what your needs are for your event, we have the experience and equipment to get the job done efficiently and correctly. 

The Process

How we make your event memorable

1. Secure Your Date

Contact us to secure your date for your event. Whether it’s a corporate event, a non-profit fund raiser, or simply a gathering at your house. We can be there for you and your guests.

2. Pre-Planning

Schedule a time to meet with Joe to discuss the needs of your event. This is where we iron out the details to ensure our team knows what your team wants.

3. Event Successfully Covered

Our team shows up early & prepared with the tools needed to effectively document your event and what it is like to be there. Need a headshot station? We do that. Need step and repeat shots, we do that. We have the tools and expertise to make you look GREAT!

4. Share The Photos

After your event, we supply you with digital copies of the photos from your event. You’ll impress your attendees and everyone involved with the great photos you planned for. Whether its candid shots or photos from the step and repeat, our team will be there to capture what you want.

Event Portfolio

Event Photography FAQ

What is event photography?

The term event photography can mean a lot of different things when it comes to the types of events it is referring to. There is a  common denominator among events being covered photographically. The main point of having an event photographer is to have someone who can capture the essence and vibe of an event. Our job as event photographers is to help you tell your story about the even through photos. Whether it is focusing on products, brands, VIP’s, speakers, performers, guests or all of the above. It is our job to capture what it was like to be there so that you can tell the story in the future.

Do I need a professional event photographer?

If you are asking, then the answer is probably yes. iPhones have come a long way 

Whats the first step?

Now that you have your event scheduled and have most of the details ironed out. Its time to setup a discovery call to discuss your needs for your event. Whether its a corporate retreat or a gathering at your house, we can help you create the memories you want to keep. Call, email or send us a message on social media. Whichever is most convienient for you. 

Can you photograph in low light?

We most certainly can, and often do. Many of the events that we cover require that we can photograph in dimly lit halls where the light is set for the mood of the event. We are equiped to capture whatever is needed to tell the story of the event. We can even photograph without flashes if that is a requirement. This is another good reason to hire a professional event photographer.

Do you backup your images?

When on site, we use cameras with dual cards to give us a backup against the event of a card failure. Once we are back at the studio we employ a local raid copy, off site and cloud backups to ensure the data is safe. 

Do you have insurance?

Yes we do, we have insurance that covers us for events and can provide proper documentation for the event location if needed. 

How will we get the photos?

Once your event has completed, we will edit and deliver the photos of your event within 7-10 business days of the last day of the event. This time frame is dependent on our current workload, event photos are often delivered much faster. Usually within 48 hours of the event. Once the final images have been produced we will upload them to our gallery site and send you a link where you can download them. If you would like to come to the studio and get the photos copied to a hard drive or thumb drive you are welcome to do that as well. We want to make this process as smooth as possible for you so let us know what works best for you.

Do you charge for travel?

If your event is located in the greater tulsa area including Jenks, Broken Arrow, Bixby, Owasso, Sand Springs, or even Coweta, travel is included in the cost. If your event is outside of these areas, we will give you a quote that is specific to your event location.

Can you deliver photos the same day.

Depending on the event we can deliver photos within minutes to your phone for an extra cost.

What is included in your event photography price?

Our event photography quotes are set up to be all-inclusive based on our initial conversation. If there are any specific needs that are not outlined in the quote we will address those prior to the event and adjust the quote accordingly. 

Can I use the images for marketing

Our event photography quotes include usage rights that allow for commercial use of the photos. We will license the photos to you for use on 3rd party websites, print, magazines, newspapers, PR, and press releases. The license will be given in perpetuity so you won’t have to renew it every year.

Do you provide event videography?

Yes, we do. Our team can provide coverage with one videographer or multiple depending on your needs. 

How many images can I expect?

We focus on quality over quantity and don’t focus on a specific number. Each event is different and has different needs. 

What kind of photography can you do at an event?

Whether you need candid photos, red carpet, step-and-repeat, and even headshot stations we can do it all. We have the equipment to provide high-quality images that you will be able to use in any format. 

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