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Corporate Shoot Philosophy

From environmental photos of your facility or job site to photos of your team hard at work to add a bit of personality to your company’s online presence. I focus on helping companies communicate their identity through photography. Every company has an identity and essence that drives it. I focus on communicating that essence to your potential customers. 



Reach Out

Send me a message here, give me a call, or message me on social media. Once you reach out we will schedule a time for us to meet and discuss your vision for your project.


During the consultation, I’ll ask you about your project. This is where we will outline the type of photos you are needing and what you would like them to communicate. During this process I will ask questions to help guide me in my creative process. This is a very crucial step in the process of creating great photos for your company.

Planning and Scheduling

Here we will outline the process for your corporate photo shoot. From location selection to scheduling and possible equipment rentals. Whether we will be photographing on location, in my studio or need to have a set built, we will outline all of the little details to ensure we have everything setup so we can exceed your expectations on the day of the shoot.

The Photo Shoot

On the day of the photoshoot, depending on what is required to obtain the corporate imagery you are desiring. We will either meet at my studio, on location at your facility, or at the pre-determined location that is best suited to aid in the creation of your corporate photos. It will be criticaly for all who are participating in the process that day to arrive on time and ready to go. If makeup is needed or styling it if critical that everyone arrives early enough to be prepped and ready to go at the call time.

During the Shoot

With all of the pre-planning we will have everyone and everything scheduled to be photographed on set and ready to go. My team will have a list of the photos we are wanting to obtain as well as a way to view the photos as they are being shot. As we move though the photo shoot you will be able to view each photos as it is shot. You will be able to approve them on site so that we are confident that your vision has been captured.

End of the Shoot

At the end of the day of the shoot, you will have all of the unedited photos selected and ready to be uploaded where you can download them at your office. If you have opted to leave with a hard drive of images we will copy the images to the hard drive before you leave and payment of the final balance is made in full.

Photo Delivery

If there are any photos to be edited, we generally turn them around in 1 week from the day of the photo shoot. Once the final images have been produced we will upload them to our gallery site and send you a link where you can download them. If you would like to come to the studio and get copied to a hard drive or thumb drive you are welcome to do as well.

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Reach Out...

Have questions about a project? Give us a call or send us a message on social media. We look forward to hearing from you!