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My clients have invested a large portion of their lives in their automobiles. Either through financial means which took time and hard work to acquire or through the building and crafting of their automobile through weekends and nights of turning a wrench. When it comes to capturing automobiles, my focus is on telling the story of the car through photography by highlighting the car’s essence and capturing the details of the design. I focus not only on just the car but on the small details that help to define the car and sometimes who the owner is. In doing this I am able to capture images of my client’s vehicles that immortalize what their automobile means to them.


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Send me a message here, give me a call, or message me on social media. Once you reach out we will schedule a time for us to meet and discuss your vision of your automobile. 


During the consultation, I’ll ask you about your automobile, the history of your ownership (how you acquired it), what kind of modifications you have made, and more details to help me create a group of photos that illustrate those details. 

The Photo Shoot

On the day of the photoshoot, you will bring your vehicle to the studio cleaned and ready for photos at our pre-agreed upon time. You’ll have the option to drop your vehicle off, or if you would like you may hang around and watch me work, that is entirely up to you. 

During the Shoot

Once you have dropped off your automobile I will begin moving it into place. The studio is set up so you can pull your vehicle in like you do your own garage at home. Once inside I have GoJak stands that allow me to move the car around so that I can get the shots that illustrate the details we and tell the story of your automobile.

End of the Shoot

Once I am done with capturing all of the photos of your car, I will have it set up for you to pull straight out of the studio so that you may take your vehicle home. With the GoJack stands I will be able to stage your automobile so that it is pointing outward. This makes it as easy as possible for you to pull directly out and be on your way.

Photo Delivery

After I have captured all of the photos of your automobile and you have taken it back into your possession. I will begin to edit the photos and present them to you in an online catalog for your review. There is a 1-week turnaround for me to edit the photos of your vehicle. If you opt to have prints of your vehicle there will be additional time for printing. We can print anything from paper to canvas and metal.

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Have questions about a project? Give us a call or send us a message on social media. We look forward to hearing from you!