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When it comes to photographing people, my focus is to catpure the essence of the individual(s) through the lens of my camera. Whether they are needing a new photo to freshen up their Linked-In, an actor needing a head shot, or an executive needing to update the corporate website. I spend time in the studio working with the individual communicating with them to get to know who they are. Working in this way enables me to capture an approachable image the exudes the personality of the person(s) I am photographing.



Reach Out

Send me a message here, give me a call, or message me on social media. Once you reach out we will schedule a time for us to meet and discuss your vision for your project.


Lets get to know one another and discuss your expectations for the photographs we will be taking. I want to learn about you, and what you would like the head shot or portrait to communicate to the world.

Planning and Scheduling

The photo shoot should be as unique as the individual. Depending on your needs for your headshot or portrait, we may need to reserve space at a location or schedule some studio time at my studio. We will be crossing all of our i’s and dotting all the t’s so that on the day of the shoot you know what to expect. This will help to alleviate some of your anxiety. Not everyone likes to have their photo taken and I want to make the process as comfortable as possible.

The Photo Shoot

On the day of the photo session we will meet on location or at my studio. I will bring all of the needed equipment to ensure a successful session. It is up to you to bring yourself, your outfits and anything else you may need for the photo shoot. If you have opted to have a makeup artist or hair stylist for the session we will want to coordinate everything with them as well. The goal for the day of the shoot is to capture the images you have envisionsed for your head shot or portrait.

During the Shoot

Once our teams are in place and we are ready to begin, we will work together to create and capture the specific phootgraphy you desire. The most important factor is that you feel comfortable and relaxed so that we can capture your individuality  in the images that will represent you. Your headshot will be used in many places and its important that it illustrates your personality. To aid in this I will have technology available so that you may review the shots as we work.

End of the Shoot

Once we wrap up the session you will be able to do a final review of the images to select which ones you like most and want to use. At this point we can make decisions on any photo editing you may desire and how many photos you would like. If you opt to have any editing done we will have the edits completed typically within one week of the session depending on the amount of photos to be edited.

Photo Delivery (Edited Photos)

If there are any photos to be edited, we generally turn them around in 1 week from the day of the photo shoot. Once the final images have been produced we will upload them to our gallery site and send you a link where you can download them. If you would like to come to the studio and get the photos copied to a hard drive or thumb drive you are welcome to do that as well. We want to make this process as smooth as possible for you so let us know what works best for you.

Reach Out...

Have questions about a project? Contact me here, on social media or give me a call. I look forward to hearing from you!

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